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DME Medical Billing

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is a type of equipment prescribed to patients to treat their medical conditions. Nebulizers, ventilators, and kidney machines are some of the examples of DME. The practice of billing for these therapeutic devices by adhering to an established coding system is known as DME Medical Billing.


Bristol Healthcare Services have medical coders and billers who can transform the medical documents that request the patients to use DME into bills that will be submitted to the insurance companies. The claims raised by our team will be accurate and will have minimal to no chance of denial by the medical insurance companies.


The Benefits Of Our DME Medical Billing Services

Improved patients satisfaction

Reduction in operational cost

Accurate Sales order creation

High level of Security

Decrease in paper works

Flexibility Reporting tools

The Process We follow

We follow a 5 step process to ensure patients get the required therapeutic equipment without any hassle.

Our team will draft the initial documentation which will brief about the DME and other information of the patient such as their insurance details, medical condition, and other personal details.

Most of the Insurance companies will authorize the use of certain types of DME based on the medical condition. We will check if the insurance company of the patient covers the DME.

The expert medical coders and billers at our disposal will then create a bill for the DME, followed by which the prescription will be converted into a universally accepted alpha-numerical code.

Once the medical bill is generated, we will submit it to the insurance company for processing it. After the claim is processed, we will get the payment from the payer and ensure our client receives it.

In case of any delay in the payment or denial by the insurance company, our team will follow-up with them and do the necessary steps required until the claim is settled by the company.