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We are Bristol Healthcare Services, a medical billing, and coding company that has earned a name for itself as a premium service-provider across the globe. In our years of existence, we have helped a number of healthcare service providers by streamlining the medical billing process.


The experienced professionals here at Bristol Healthcare Service apply the best use of technology to get the job done for our clients. The satisfaction of our clients is and always remains the topmost priority. In the last 25 years, we have rendered our valuable service and have built up a base of loyal clients who stand as a testimonial for our service.

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If providing the patient with the best treatment they deserve is the biggest responsibility for someone in the healthcare industry, medical billing services will come second. Medical Billing is a troublesome job that involves tons of paper works, follow-ups, transactions and communications with various parties, outsourcing it to medical billing companies will save you from all of this. Below are some of the things you can get by outsourcing the medical billing process.

Reduction in Overhead cost:

When you run the medical billing process yourself, you need to invest in infrastructure, training, technology, and important human resources. However, by having medical billing outsourcing companies doing the task for you, they will use their own experts and technologies to get them done. So, you don’t need to spend big bucks on the overheads.

Improved Accuracy of Codes:

Medical coding has a significant role to play in medical billing as the better the accuracy of the codes, the better the chance of it to be approved by the insurance company. The secret to achieving accurate coding lies in having experience coders doing the job for you. By employing medical billing and coding companies you will get to have their experts doing the coding for you.

Increase in Cash Flow:

Even though service could be the motivator for you to jump into this trade, the financial aspect of it cannot be ignored. To have a good flow, it is important to have all the claims submitted to the insurance company processed and paid on time. Professional coders and billers will ensure that you are always paid on time by the payer.

Better Data Quality:

As you have professional coders and billers doing the job for you, they will tend to commit a lesser error and produce an output which will have better quality. The better quality of data will also ensure that the claims are processed fastly without any major denials by the insurance company.

More Time for Patients :

Since you no longer need to deal with the mundane job of medical billing, you will be conserved of lots of time, resources and energy. All these attributes conserved by you can be used to provide your patients with a better medical facility.

Not all medical billing service companies can make you enjoy all the benefits given above, they must have the required experience and resources to provide the best service for you. We are Bristol Healthcare Services, an Orthopedic medical billing company in California. Our priority is to help our clients to maximize their revenue without dampening their quality of service.

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