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Revenue Cycle Management

There are numerous financial transactions involved in the whole medical episode of a patient. Right from the patient walking into the healthcare facility to register until the final payment of balances, there are numerous financial transactions involved in it. 

Revenue Cycle Management is very important aspect of the billing process that employs the utilization of our coders, billing, EHR and medical billing software. It binds the healthcare and administrative data of the patients and unifies both the clinical and business aspects of the healthcare industry.


The Benefits Of Our RCM Services

Having an RCM software handling the billing process in your healthcare business can help in scaling it to a greater extent. Some of its advantages are

Enhanced production quality

Accurate billing system

Reduction of Extra work

Increased Reimbursement

On-time payment

Improved Efficiency

The Process We Follow

Here at Bristol Healthcare services, a renowned Medical Billing Services company, we follow procedures to ensure that your whole billing process gets streamlined. 

The appointment of your patient gets scheduled with you.

We record the information of the patients, such as their name, contact, and insurance. This data are kept safe in our database.

Our team verifies the background of the patient before the commencement of their admission.

The claim documents will get submitted to the insurance company’s EDI system.

The accounts receivable team follows-up with the insurance company until they pay the posted claim.